5 Simple SEO Tips To Massively Increase Website Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must if you want to get people to find your website. SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your website through organic search results. The term “organic” is used here to distinguish it from “paid search results.”

1. Combine Pages That Cover The Same Topic

In general, there are a few reasons to start removing, refreshing, updating or editing existing content: thin content, outdated posts, and low traffic-generating content.

Google does not want to classify pages that use content copied from other parts of the web. Duplicated content does not have a ranking penalty, but it can harm your entire website ranking if Google does not know which page to display.

If you have many pages with duplicate or very similar content, you might want to combine them all to one page.

Before doing so, be sure to use a tool such as ahrefs or semrush to find out which page is currently bringing in the most traffic. You’ll want to use this page as the base page in which you consolidate all of the relevant content.

Additionally, be sure to redirect the old page urls to this newly consolidated page. If your site is built on WordPress, you can use a plugin called Simple 301 Redirects.

2. Implement AMP (Mobile Acceleration) on all pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) removes HTML and copies existing web page content to provide faster loading times than standard HTML5 documents. AMP ensures that websites load faster, improving the user experience and keeping visitors on the site for longer.

If your mobile pages have high bounce rates, low visitor retention, or slow loading speeds, creating an AMP page is a great solution.

Google reports that AMP pages used for Google searches load in less than a second and consume up to ten times less data than comparable non-AMP pages.

3. Create Infographics from articles with a high social-share count

Infographics are a way of displaying information of all kinds. For example, real estate infographics use a variety of symbols, data, and designs to explain complex elements of rental properties. Using statistical infographics is a great way to promote your website.

Producing eye-catching infographics for social media is a great way to obtain quality back-links.

Let’s say you want to create content about starting a business. Enter a topic in BuzzSumo and there will be a listing of all posts on this topic that have been posted on social media and shared in recent weeks, months or years. You can filter the list by content type, word count and country.

Try to identify the top-performing articles and use the data you gather to develop your new infographic.

4. Get ideas for title tags by reviewing existing Google ads

Google and other search engines consider several factors to determine the quality and theme of a page. Title tags are the boldest and most evident element of search results and are an important part of the decision-making process whether or not a user clicks through your site.

According to a recent study by Backlinko, websites found on page one contain 65-85% of keywords they rank for in their title tags.

Knowing this information, you can Google your desired keywords and check what Titles, descriptions, and calls to action your competitors are using.

This will give you valuable insights on what keywords you should be utilizing in your titles.

5. Start building quality backlinks

Traffic is directly linked to the quality of your backlinks on your site, and the more authoritative the sites that link to you, the better placements and traffic you get.

The content on your website should be of high value and quality if you want to attract links. Give other bloggers and industry leaders the ability to link to your site by creating your own content. Here are a few tactics and link-building strategies you can implement right away.

  1. Google yourself. Are there any websites out there that currently mention you? Reach out to them and ask for a link to your site. This will provide you with a quality backlink, and will give them a better user experience on their site.
  2. Get on a podcast. In the US, one in five adults regularly listens to podcasts. Being a guest on a podcast is a great way to appear for free in front of your audience. An interview in a podcast can help you generate free publicity for your brand, bring authoritative backlinks to your website and help you get involved with some of the biggest names in your industry. Before getting too carried away with your first appearance at the Joe Rogan Experience, let’s take a step back. Create your profile on, enter your details and book a guest for free in a top podcast.
  3. Check who links to your competitors. Analyze the backlinks of competitor websites to understand and evaluate the type, quality and number of backlinks you need. Then, use SEO Spyglass to create a backlink report for your site and specify your most important SEO keywords. You can find out which domains are most likely to link to your website by identifying those that link to at least 2 of your competitors.

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