The Silent Giant of Marketing: How SEO Outperforms Paid Ads Every Time

The Silent Giant of Marketing: How SEO Outperforms Paid Ads Every Time

Is splurging on that next PPC campaign really worth it in the long run?

I’m going to explain how SEO works, and why it’s better than paid ads, every time.

First, we need to understand what SEO is, it’s pros and cons, and a general awareness of how the search engines to work.

What Is SEO?

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the process of improving your website so that it can be found by search engines, and ultimately your customers.

What’s The Point Of SEO?

The goal of SEO is to put your business on the map by making your website findable, searchable, and digestible for the search engines.

  • Findable: Is your website even indexed on Google? Is your site able to be found from an organic search?
  • Searchable: Is your website structured in a way so that search engines can easily crawl and understand your content?
  • Digestible: Does your website offer a good user experience and present information in a easy to read format?

There are millions of new pages added to the web every single day. By now, Google’s algorithm understands the difference between a “good” website and a “bad” website.

Why You NEED To Be Prioritizing SEO


Consider spending $5k on ads vs SEO. After your ad budget runs out, your traffic goes away overnight.


The efforts of your SEO campaign will snowball into more and more traffic over time if done consistently.

Beats Other

Visitors from organic search convert at a higher rate and the quality of traffic is much higher vs paid.

Permanence &

Once your website is ranking for various keywords, they can continue to generate leads indefinitely.

Paid Ads Traffic VS SEO Traffic Over Time


Paid Ads Traffic

  • Immediate but short-lived
  • Competitive & costly over time
  • Lower trust with consumers

(SEO) Organic Traffic

  • Long-term growth strategy
  • Traffic “snowball” effect
  • Higher quality, higher intent leads

So, How Does SEO Work?

With so much content across the web, how does Google actually “scan” and “choose” which websites and pages it places in its database?

They use 3 primary systems to decide:

1. Crawling

One of the first things Google does when it discovers your website is it will crawl each page on your website using bots:

Example diagram of SEO: A website being crawled.

To increase the chance your website can be crawled, it’s essential to have a verified Sitemap added to your Google Search Console.

If you haven’t already done so, sign in to Google Search Console with your Gmail account.

Once signed in, click on Sitemaps > Add a new sitemap

2. Indexing

The next step in the process from Google’s perspective is Indexing. After it’s through crawling your website, it will ask: should this be on Google?

The Google algorithm will make a split second decision as to if your website should be indexed or not. To increase the likelihood of getting indexed, we can:

  • Write quality content that is useful to readers and better than your competitor’s.
    • Your content must answer the reader’s question concisely and right away
    • You should link to reputable third party sources as well as your own articles when additional context is needed
  • Ensure visitors have an overall positive experience when visiting your site

Indexing is the gate keeping stage for all of your website’s pages.

3. Ranking

The last thing Google determines is your rank.

When a page on your website initially gets indexed, it may show up on position 100, or the 10th page of the results – no one is finding you here, but it’s a start.

Statistically, if your website does not rank in the top 3 of the organic results, your chances of getting clicks are very low.

However, if your page is highly optimized, after a month or so, it may move up to position 34.

Another couple months later they may rank you 10th.

Eventually, this page can rank in the top 3 results with continued optimization.

This exact scenario played out for one of our keywords for LabCoat Agents. After 2 months of optimizations we ranked #1 for ‘Real Estate TV Show’

Traffic potential for ranking #1 for a keyword

This one page alone brings in ~500-600 monthly visitors.

Claim The Prestigious #1 Spot For Your Business

If you currently have a business website that needs an update, or have a website you love already but it’s not getting the traffic or generating the leads it should be, lets talk.

Schedule your 15-minute no-obligation consultation with me today and you’ll leave with a clear picture of your current traffic and a list of potential keywords you can target right away.

Schedule A Consultation

PS- You can learn more about our tailored SEO services here.


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